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We are entrepreneurs - real business owners that have been engaged in providing foundation crack repair services to residential and commercial customers for over a decade. We have made all the costly, time-consuming mistakes so you don't have to.

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Book Preview

At over 150 pages and more than 26,000 words, this book is a great resource for startups!



If you are looking for a great way to make more money without having to quit your job, or without obtaining a huge loan on a franchise investment, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! You can make hundreds of dollars a week working part time as a foundation crack repair business owner and maintain a full-time job. Choose to make money part time, or build your company into a full-time business fully equipped with employees who perform the repairs for you.


Regardless of the economy, homeowners will always repair foundation cracks especially if they leak. When a home is being sold and a Home Inspector finds cracks, the cracks must be repaired before the sale is completed.


Foundation cracks should be repaired before remodeling a basement. (We get called into finished basements all the time to repair cracks which should have been repaired prior to spending thousands of dollars on the remodeling project.) Those are just a few opportunities where you can work with companies who will use your services over and over. This is, of course, if you present yourself as a professional and do quality work.


There are several reasons why people want to start their own business. Making more money is always at the top of the list. Other reasons may include changing a lifestyle and having better control over your time. Being your own boss and enjoying the freedom that comes with it, is often the main driver for starting a new business. We can show you how to make a great income, have more freedom, and how to create the lifestyle you want by being a foundation crack repair business owner.


Whether your goal is time, money, freedom or just the satisfaction of building a business, this book will help you along the way. Our guide will enable you to earn hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars per month. It is up to you just how big and how fast you build your business. You will also learn how to keep overhead low by working out of your home, and only keeping a small amount of inventory and tools on hand. The information provided on marketing and sales will also get you motivated to build your business and see the potential for big profits.

Chapter 1


So, you’re interested in the idea of starting a crack repair business. Chances are if you're reading this book, you found it online somewhere. We know all too well that if you look online to learn about foundation crack repair, you can find lots of products, opinions and advice. Many of these websites are biased with information they provide. This is because they are trying to sell people something. Caution needs to be exercised when researching aspects of this type of business online as much of the information available is sales-oriented and not impartial.


The information provided by Crack Repair Startup is based on experience of actual business owners. These owners provide foundation crack repair services to customers for the purpose of making a profit.


When we wake up in the morning, repairing foundation cracks for profit is not the only goal of the day. Ultimately, we must continually strive to provide quality and value that leaves the customer happy with their transaction. Customer satisfaction should be your number one goal. An essential part of building a successful brand is developing a positive reputation that portrays the company in a reputable and trustworthy manner. As the saying goes…”good news will travel, but bad news travels fast”.


The information provided here is based on the fact that making a profit long term is dependent upon providing quality service. Actual experience has taught us that we are better off doing a few things really well, rather than trying to spread ourselves too thin. Specifically, there are many methods and materials available today for repairing foundation cracks. We narrowed in on one particular, very successful method.


There are many methods and materials to choose from. Some methods/materials are developed to be installed from the exterior of the foundation while others require installation from the interior foundation. There are methods and materials to be applied to cracks that are actively leaking, while others require the crack to be dry. There are also products that rely on power equipment for installation while others do not. Some materials result in a rigid repair where as other materials remain flexible.


We have spent a lot of time experimenting with a seemingly endless array of products and procedures for repairing foundation cracks. In the end, we found the best way to drive our success was to narrow the focus down to something that met specific, important criteria....



Chapter 2


In the previous chapter, we described an ideal scenario being cracks in poured concrete that are not leaking at the time of repair nor pose any structural concerns. In this chapter, we talk about tools and supplies we found necessary to repair this type of crack safely and successfully. Again, the information contained in this book should only be regarded as suggestions based upon our own personal experience and opinion.


Safety First

Safety is something that requires thought and planning, and there is absolutely nothing more important. As the business owner, safety begins with you. It is your job to relay the proper steps, procedures and tools to everyone involved. Ultimately, you are the responsible party should something go wrong. Aside from liability issues, if someone gets seriously injured they can be unable to work. This can be a catastrophic reality if you are that injured party while also assuming the role of business owner, sales person, repair technician and/or bookkeeper. If you are injured, the business you’ve worked hard to start can essentially stop.


Safety doesn’t happen by accident.


We strongly encourage a proactive approach to safety. Discussing business operations with a Health & Safety professional and reviewing all OSHA regulations yourself is important and highly recommend. In the meantime, here are some safety-related items you may want to consider incorporating into your operation.


Many of the safety tools we discuss can be found at online safety supply stores. You may even locate some of these safety tools at a local store near you. Look around and shop competitively.


Establishing a business relationship with your safety supplier can help save you money. If possible, get to know your vendors especially if they are local. Vendors can potentially end up referring customers to you. Always have business cards on hand when dealing with local venues....



Chapter 3


In Chapter 2, we described our ideal crack as being located in a poured concrete foundation which does not pose any structural issue or concern, and one that is dry at the time of repair. The repair procedure described below focuses specifically on this scenario using polyurethane as the repair material.


Tip: It takes less time to do something right the first time, than it does to have to do it twice.


General Description

Crack repairs begin with cleaning the surface immediately surrounding the crack. Injection ports are placed along the opening of the crack which is then sealed with a 2-part quick set epoxy. When the epoxy is cured, liquid polyurethane is injected into the lowest port first. Injections are performed in a slow, steady manner. This way the crack is filled with liquid before leaking out of the next higher port. When polyurethane reaches the next higher port, the port currently being injected is then plugged and the leaking port is then injected. This process is repeated until polyurethane has been injected into all ports and is leaking from the top surface of the foundation wall....



Chapter 4


Good business operations are an essential component of positive customer engagement. Having the right resources available helps you provide customers with the confidence that your business is organized, professional and reliable. When a customer calls, we want to make the experience as smooth and simple as possible.


“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


At the end of the day, disorganization and inefficiency are two things that cannot be hidden from customers and they work against you. It is important to have proper tools in place enabling you to present yourself in the most professional manner possible beginning with the very first interaction.


Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Do you realize the need to be organized and professional? If yes, then you need a Customer Relationship Management System, or CRM. These systems can keep track of customer information and scheduling, create project documents, generate reports and even communicate with accounting software. If you are thinking you can’t afford one of these systems, it is much more likely that you cannot afford to operate without one.


Tip: The cost of not having a CRM system far outweighs the cost of having one.


The type of CRM system this book talks about is a digital product, or computer program which resides in the “cloud”. The type of systems we’re discussing are commonly referred to as online applications. This means you are not required to install software on your computer or any other device in order to use it. You don’t even need a computer. Many online applications can be easily accessed by you “the user” from a tablet, smartphone or computer. It is a system that you, and any of your employees equipped with a username and password, can access through a wired or wireless internet connection. These systems update in real time. What this means is that if you or an employee is working within the CRM and adds a customer, schedules an appointment, or creates and/or modifies a document (estimate, invoice etc.) all changes are immediately updated system wide. They are then immediately accessible by all users....



Chapter 5


You can have excellent crack repair skills and a great customer management system, but none of that matters much without job leads. Keep in mind, just getting leads is not always the complete answer either. You need leads relevant to the services you offer. Having enough relevant leads and converting those leads into actual jobs is what’s needed to sustain your business. You may be wondering where these leads would come from. There is no single, magic answer to this question. Leads come from multiple places and they require you to invest time and resources in several different areas.


When starting a brand new business, it is common for the local community (your customers) to be painfully unaware of your actual presence. The competition, however, is likely to have tested methods already in place that successfully capture the attention of people requiring services you wish to provide. Observing what competitors are doing can provide good insight into what you may wish to do. It is also important to remember that just because you see a marketing campaign in place, doesn’t mean it is actually working or is essentially cost effective.


Tip: Just because you see someone doing something, doesn’t mean it’s actually working.


We believe that when starting from scratch, you will need to spend some marketing dollars. On tight budgets, this spending will need to be done carefully. There are a great deal of marketing companies who talk a good game, are ready to sign you up and hoping to take your money. This is especially true for online marketing companies. Some of these companies promise the world but don’t typically guarantee anything of real substance.


If someone tells you: “We’ll get you on the first page of Google”, we recommend you consider going elsewhere. There are companies who will try to sell you ineffective things, and will try to get you to spend money on stuff that doesn’t work.


The good news is our goal will be to minimize upfront marketing costs and work to end up with a steady stream of high quality leads that costs you very little over time....



Chapter 6


Many contractors rely on estimates to later become contracts once they’re accepted by the customer. When an estimate is presented to a customer, the estimate itself represents a proposal to perform a specified service at an estimated cost. This document also contains all the legal language that would otherwise be required in a separate contract for the work. Many times contractors place a “Terms and Conditions” section within the document that includes all the necessary legal content. Once accepted by a customer, these contracts form agreements between contractors and clients by detailing the specific terms of the relationship. Terms that are typically addressed should include payment terms, warranty, limits of liability, and work accessibility.

Payment Terms

Ensure your customer signs on to your payment terms by including them in your agreement. For residential work, we believe strongly in receiving full payment as soon as the work is complete. However, it is common for commercial accounts to play by different rules. Many companies have Accounts Payable departments that pay invoices according to specific company policies. If a company you want to work with has payment terms that are longer than what you’re comfortable with, you can always approach them and try to negotiate something better. When doing this, set your expectations low, and be ready for them to tell you it’s something they just can’t do.


We also think it is a good idea to make the warranty and any other promises made by the agreement contingent upon the customer paying their bill....



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“Forget the get rich quick scams – this is a real business opportunity!”

Greg Bowen
Owner & Author

Chapters Overview

The information you need, with the detail you want.


Through gaining a complete overview of the business, you will quickly see how practical of an opportunity this is for most anyone.


Getting organized and making great first impressions will go a long way in securing tons of new and repeat customers.


We go through in detail exactly what tools and supplies are needed to conduct the services safely, quickly, and efficiently.


We eliminate your guesswork by showing you how to generate quality leads without wasting your money on advertising scams that don't work.


We provide great photos and in-depth step by step instructions to get you going on the right path by avoiding the pitfalls of trial & error.


Why reinvent the wheel? We've been doing this a long time and will share with you how we protect ourselves by engaging with our customers on a contractual level.

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About the Authors

Entrepreneurs. Built from the ground up - courtesy of The School of Hard Knocks.

This book is full of information!

We help you bypass the time consuming and expensive process of figuring things out by trial and error. Get going right from the start with what works!
- M. Fetherling - Author

This is a must read!

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get into business. It encourages and supports future entrepreneurs.
- G. Bowen - Author

Frequently Asked Questions


It would be concerning if you didn't.


Maybe we have already answered it here.


Contact us directly with other questions.

Is there really a demand for these services?

Yes, and it is easy to prove it for yourself…

As long as you live in an area where homes are constructed with basements – you will likely have no trouble identifying the need for foundation crack repair. Simply look in your phone book or do some local searches online for foundation crack repair. You might even try looking under waterproofing categories.You should be able to easily locate companies already providing these services in your immediate area.

You should be able to easily locate companies already providing these services in your immediate area. If you find service providers – this is good news! These “competitors” are helping provide community awareness that these services exist! Believe it or not, but existing companies typically get into “comfort zones” that make them easy to beat by a new kid on the block…Yes, that would be you!

We will help you create that fresh new look and be armed with the right systems making you professional and efficient!

What is the real learning curve with fixing cracks?

This is a very good question, and it’s one that we get asked a lot. If you’re considering starting a new business doing something entirely new to you – it’s important to know how much time and effort will be required in order to effectively perform the services.

Repairing, or more specifically, waterproofing cracks in poured concrete foundations is a very straightforward process. The method we teach is a very reliable yet simple procedure that anyone can quickly learn. In fact, most anyone can be trained to successfully repair cracks through our written instruction alone. Simple hand tools and supplies are all that’s needed.

In terms of being successful, it can just as important to understand what jobs to avoid. Our book discusses how to identify the type of cracks we wish to repair versus the types to avoid.

What all do I get when I purchase your offering?

EBOOK – Our book is based on our actual working experience as entrepreneurs, providing these exact services in our very own businesses. Our book is over 150 pages with over 26,000 words and contains pictures, tables, and information pertaining to the subjects you want to learn about. No fluff, no large type or double spacing. Just tons of quality information.

MARKETING MATERIAL – We provide high-resolution digital files containing quality marketing materials. Having been in the business for as long as we have been, we are able to share with you marketing materials designed to make your company stand out from the competition.

BUSINESS FORMS – From getting properly organized to protecting you at a contractual level, you need business forms that work. We provide electronic copies of lead sheets, estimate form/contract, warranty certificates and more.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel or figure everything out yourself through trial and error. We can be your shortcut.

What will it cost for me to start a crack repair business?

Tools & Supplies

You can purchase the tools required to repair a foundation crack for about $125. The cost of repair materials to fix one typical foundation crack is about $30. Repair materials can be purchased in small quantities or at bulk rates.

Business Expense

Business startup and ongoing operational costs vary widely depending on how a business is structured. Ultimately, the answer to this question is beyond the scope of this FAQ. However, we believe in starting up and operating in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible which is one of the things we try to help with in our book.

Do these repairs ever fail?


We teach a very well matured, straightfoward repair process. We rarely get a callback regarding a problem.  If you follow the suggestions contained in our book, there is little reason why you wouldn’t have the same experience as us. We provide lifetime warranties to our customers without hesitation.

Why should I trust you?

Because we are the real deal.

We, the authors of  “Foundation Crack Repair Startup” are the owners of two separate businesses that engage in foundation crack repair on a daily basis. We have come together to create quality materials to help others who wish to do the same. We receive a small fee for our time and effort, but more importantly, we get the opportunity work with people much like ourselves.

Aren’t you worried about creating more competition?

Absolutely not.

Contrary to this thinking, we know that local competition helps raise community awareness that these services exist! Part of getting business leads starts with people knowing these problems can be fixed in a fast, economical way. When someone with a foundation crack learns there are ways to easily repair it, they start looking for companies to provide estimates. We want them to be able to easily find us and have us on that list.

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